"Cookie Crush 3" is the 3rd sequel in the popular "Cookie Crush" series. Match a variety of fairly sweet treats in line of three in order to them from the overall game. Presently there are over seven hundred levels and a variety of power-ups to use on the way.
Swap the positions of your candies and biscuits to help align them in one tasty line of three or more. This will clear those coordinating sweets and leave space for more sweet treats to fall into the overall game. Each level provides you with a mission to match a specific number of sweet items.
Numerous boosters can be found to help clear series, sections, and even the full table. For example, coordinating five in a row creates a cookie bomb. A person can buy booster gadgets with the cash you earn. Make use of them throughout the levels when you are stuck, or at the perfect instant.
Over 700 amounts of sugary goodness. Booster gadgets that clear treat and produce legendary effects. Complete levels to earn precious metal and buy booster gadgets and earn daily rewards.
Play Cookie Crush 3 right now at: https://cookie-clicker.co/